The Kingdom Group of companies were formed in 1990 to provide customer management and strategic consulting services. Since then we have developed expertise, methodologies and information technology for an ever-growing list of blue-chip clients. We help our clients grow by aligning their resources to exploit new, winning market strategies.

Our mission is to successfully combine best-practice management techniques with information technology solutions to deploy effective business strategies in each market sector.

Our objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and critical technology necessary for organisations to maintain competitiveness, while delivering value to its customers and stakeholders.

Kingdom Management Group is an innovative, consulting and business solutions organisation, with a proven ability in developing two key organisational objectives for our clients;

°   Improved market growth and success
°   Enhanced organisational responsiveness

Our assignments are usually initiated at board level, where we jointly identify the most critical market and organisational priorities. In particular we have a track record of achievements in the following areas:

°   Strategic Consulting
°   Customer Relationship Management
°   Organisation and Process Transformation
°   Applications Consulting and Management
°   IT Srategy and Consulting
°   Infrastructure Planning and Optimisation

We will work with you to derive the most profitable market and customer strategies for your organisation and align the organisation with your information systems for maximum effectiveness.

All Kingdom assignments are undertaken after careful planning, giving full consideration for all the benefits and risks involved in each case. We then build into the plan, key measurements for the project and target the benefits for eventual realisation. Our aim is to provide a quick return on all our assignments, and we have achieved payback on a number of our assignments within the short term.

With many years experience in consulting, we normally work with you as a strategic partner, where our approach brings clear strategic thinking and the best available approach to help you maximise your operational, sales and marketing potential. Our projects aim to establish all the process improvement and information systems requirements to ensure you deliver a competitive service to your customers and retain the profit to sustain and grow your organisation.
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