Major Building Society

This UK Building Society targeted a range of financial services products to meet the needs of customers with different Life-stage profiles. Unfortunately, they counldn't target all customers because the Society didn't have enough information on each customer to classify all of them into their Life-stage. Kingdom's challenge was to work out how to classify every client - including those with unknown data - in terms of their likely membership of a Life-stage group.

We tackled this by first carrying out a customer survey on a random selection of customers. This was part of a wider Society program of creating better customer loyalty and therefore, customers were happy to respond with a lot of detailed information about their own circumstances. From this information, we created a 'classification' predictive scoring model on the base of those clients who responded to the survey, and then applied it to the rest of the customer base. Validation showed that over 75% were classified correctly and nearly 95% were correct to within one group.

Our knowledge and experience of these projects, plus the use of advanced technology allowed us to classify each client, despite the missing data.

Kingdoms work allowed the Society to achieve a good result for less than 10% of the cost of collecting the missing details for the entire customer base.

Satellite Telecommunications Provider

When an international Telecommunications company based in the UK needed to raise their profile in the market, improve their customer service and lower their costs, they went out to tender for a firm of consultants to help them. Kingdom was chosen from a market evaluation to ensure that the company strategy was tested and market-tested, and then effectively communicated throughout the organisation. Our focus on internal organisational readiness lead to the development of process and information maps which highlighted where costs and effort were being misdirected internally. After a 2 month, workshop-based analysis of the whole business, a joint team built the new structures that could deliver the market strategy for the organisation. Departmental boundaries were re-defined and the complexity that had been allowed to develop was greatly simplified as a result.

Time was very short and to ensure that the whole team was focused on the change management process, Kingdom ran regular reviews, using the maps to ensure that everyone was aware of the 'big picture'. Meanwhile the detail process and information re-building was undertaken by focus groups. The result, in less than six months, was a totally new organisational structure; newly identified measurements of success and people in positions that optimised the way in which the company communicated to their customers, and delivered their services.

This project has produced rapid improvements enabling the company to reduce their costs by 30% at the same time as increasing sales to records levels.

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